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Suzanne Gray BPC, MBACP. Counselling and psychotherapy in North East london



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Most of us have times when we feel under emotional strain. Difficulties of every kind are part of living. Often we are inclined to manage these times in our own way without asking for  help from outside.  We wait for times like these to pass and frequently they do; time can be a healer, but not invariably so. There are  situations where we know, if we are being honest, that time isn’t providing us with the answer we need or want. In that case it can be helpful to address this with someone who will offer you their skills and commitment to helping you find alternatives.

My name is Suzanne Gray and I am a UKCP registered psychotherapist working in north and east London. I offer the time and space to talk through whatever is causing you difficulty or pain, looking with you at how to understand your experiences and find new ways forward. Recurring problems or unhelpful patterns of thought  underpin a sense of being stuck. Therapy can help to shift this, opening up new perspectives and the potential to change and grow.