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Safe place therapy

Suzanne Gray BPC, MBACP. Counselling and psychotherapy in North East london

About therapy

People seek counselling for all sorts of reasons. A difficult life event might prompt someone to get in touch; For others, the decision can be linked to long-standing issues or to deep-seated feelings of distress. Whatever your reasons, contemplating therapy can sometimes seem daunting. It isn’t always easy to know where to look when searching for a therapist. Equally, you may have no idea of what to expect once you begin. There can be mixed feelings about acknowledging the need for help, and uncertainty about how it is going to work for you.


Counselling and Psychotherapy work by offering certain conditions in  which to explore a problem or difficulty. Some of these conditions may be very apparent. For instance,  sessions take place in a setting which is confidential and secure. Others are less obvious. These have something to do with the therapists approach and attitude: I will listen carefully and thoughtfully to whatever you bring, aiming to provide you with the space for thinking and talking through those issues that are important to you, so that you can reach a clearer understanding about them.


These are some of the areas counselling and psychotherapy can help with:

Anxiety, stress, or panic

Depression and feelings of emptiness

Relationship issues


Coming to terms with bereavement and loss

Painful memories, trauma, or abuse


Difficulties at work

Anger, shame, or low self esteem


If you have any questions or would like to know more before deciding to meet, you are very welcome to contact me, by calling 07507 862 480 or by emailing safeplacepsychotherapy@gmail.com.